Farm History

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Hopewell Farms of Newbury, New Hampshire has  a rich and fascinating history. It was originally built in the 18th century and has been farmed continuously, with the exception of a ten year period during the Great Depression.

aerial view of farm

Between 1900 and 1932, the property was owned by Mark Schultis, a Boston businessman who turned the property into the Largest Poultry Producer in New England. He was one of the first people to use Wind Energy in order to produce electric service for the farm. During his tenure as property owner, he also ran one of the largest Maple Sugar Houses in New Hampshire, a tradition we continue to this day.

chicken farmer rockAlthough there is no documented evidence, it is rumored that Mark Schultis is the man referred to in the legendary Newbury landmark “Chicken Farmer I Still Love You” found along route 103.

The farm was purchased in 1945 Dr. Jack Maxfield, a local physician who continued to operate it until selling it in 1955 to Barbara Yates. She later married former Newbury Chief of Police, Arthur Jones and the two raised and trained champion thoroughbred horses until the end of the 20th century.

Hopewell Farms Today

solar houseHopewell Farms is an environmentally-friendly farm situated on 50 acres. Today it is owned by Marc and Meredith Moran who moved to New Hampshire, looking for a simpler, more satisfying way of life for ourselves and our children. Sustainable farming has become our passion. We believe that our commitment to high quality, locally grown, fresh foods will fill a healthy niche in this area. We have already met our goal of becoming a completely energy self-sufficient farm.

Our house was built in 2006. It features a full array of photovoltaic solar panels and a complete solar thermal heating system. The photovoltaic cells on the roof  absorb the sunlight and generate electricity which is stored in back-up batteries.

Our Newbury NH Windmill

Our current Windmill is a 50 foot tall 3.7 kilowatt turbine. (Interesting Fact: It is located less than 50 feet from the site of former owner Mark Schultis’ Wind Turbine). Our Windmill is the first one to be erected in Newbury, NH since that time and has been functioning admirably since it’s installation last summer. Hopewell Farms also has a trout pond, an antique post-and-beam 3-bay garage, a 7-stall barn featuring indoor and outdoor arenas as well as a 3-room guest cottage. We welcome visitors to our farm during the summer months on Saturdays by appointment. Farms tours are available for individuals or groups. Please contact us for further information. Our vision for the future includes establishing our own hatcheries for both fish and poultry as well as additional stocking ponds for native trout species. We would also like to experiment with additional forms of energy production by increasing our photovoltaic output and possibly by constructing a hydroelectric system to capitalize on the annual water flow and excellent head provided by the steep topography of the farm.

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