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Homesteading, today, is a way of life for people who value sustainability and self-sufficiency and take pride in a hard day’s work. Homesteaders have made the decision to embrace simplicity, to go “back to the land,” and to live in harmony with nature while supporting a family and offering surplus products to the local community for a fair price.

Homesteading families usually eat what they produce (we do!), provide as much of their own energy needs as possible, and try be producers rather than consumers. The concept of homesteading is as old as mankind. It provides a place of sustenance and security even in trying economic times.

Often referred to as Sustenance Farming, a well-run homestead provides far more than simple sustenance. It provides food for the soul as well.

playing on the farmFamilies that live and work together tending their animals and harvesting their crops find greater levels of satisfaction than the average consumer locked into a form of economic servitude.

Homesteading seeks to recapture the best elements of the past and incorporate the most progressive ideas and tools of the present in order to build a better, more fruitful future for all Americans.

We simply begin at home, on the farm, and spread the word one neighbor at a time.

We are committed to providing as wide a variety of produce and animals as the land will naturally allow and to do so with the highest level of regard for their finished flavor and nutrition.

Energy Independence

Energy independence can take several forms, ranging from simple conservation, to heating and cooking with wood, to complete Wind and Solar-Powered Systems.

Our Newbury, NH Farm

Hopewell Farms is a homestead farm. We are completely energy independent. In fact, we are the only completely energy self-sufficient farm in New Hampshire. We utilize both wind and solar power at our farm. We also raise farm animals and grow heirloom vegetables and fruit with sustainable methods. Our maple orchard produces fresh syrup and sugar annually and we have even begun to produce farm-raised Tilapia in a closed-system aquaculture facility located in the former indoor equestrian center.

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