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After The 2012 Barn Fire

Well we’ve come through one of those greatest fears of farming moments – when the barn burns down – and as the shock has worn off to be replaced with a new set of emotions and thoughts, we thought we should reflect a little bit on what we haven’t lost. The majority of our livestock were on pasture when the fire hit and they are just fine. The sugar maples are being eyed for the sweet sap that will start to flow and the syrup that we’ll produce from it in our sugarhouse in the next few weeks.

We regard the space where the barn used to stand with a mix of sadness and optimism, losing it and all the work it represented was a hard pill to swallow, but we’re still here and so is our dream. We had our dreams altered, but we haven’t lost them entirely so the future is as open to us as it was before and we look forward to it whatever it may bring.

The Moran Family

About our Farm

Hopewell Farms is a sustainable family farm located at 3 South Road in South Newbury, New Hampshire. We are New Hampshire’s first producer of Farm-Raised Tilapia.

Our desire to provide fresh food at a fair value is something we work at every day and we know you’ll notice the difference. We offer a wide variety of Heritage Meats and Heirloom Vegetables and Fruits that are beyond organic, full of flavor and grown with concern for the fertility of the soil and the long term sustainability of the land.

We also offer a wide variety of specialty items like artisanal vinegars, homemade goat cheese, pasture-raised eggs, our own maple syrup, as well as seasoned, split cord wood. We are also very proud of our efforts towards energy independence by  providing our own source of electric and thermal energy through the use of photovoltaic solar thermal panels and Newbury’s first Wind Turbine.

Read more about our daily farm life in our Homesteading Blog.

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